Wish List

How do we take care of the children?

Based on Maslow’s hierachy of human needs, our first obligation is to see to the children’s basic needs of food, clothing and shelter.

In order to take care of the children in a  safe and protected environment the following items were identified as a priority for upgrading and/or replacement:

1.Replacement of obsolete Security System

This will include :

  • Installing  a CCTV System on the haven’s grounds and in the houses


2.Regarding healthy food and in order to provide nourishing meals in compliance with Health regulations the kitchen area is due for the following:

  • New walk in fridges  and freezer facilities to store fresh produce received as donations and/or bought regularly.(The present fridges are old and often break down and  do not provide sufficient space to cater for the volume ).

          R80 000

  • Erection of a waste area separate from kitchen area to be compliant with the Municipal bylaws
  • R 75 000


3. As custodians appointed by the courts it is our duty to provide in the holistic development of each child endeavouring to develop them to their fullest potential.  In order to achieve this notion; the following would be in support to realize such levels:

  • A fully equipped Computer Centre where children may do research for assignments and other homework is in modern times indispensable for quality learning to take place

          R 120 000


4. In order to achieve a balance between work and play, we believe that our children should be able to attend school camps and tours and not be embarrassed by a lack of items such as camping equipment such as torches, sleeping bags, insect repellent, sunscreen lotions, etc.

         R 25,000


5. When planning around quality services rendered to the children; we also consider the staff:

  • to enable them to render a high quality of care to our children, is considered as  imperative Providing training to staff to empower themselves personally but also.

          R 54, 000

6. At the haven, we are creative and flexible in matters of fundraising and /or saving :

  • In order to utilize our two convention areas more effectively as a means of income, attention needs to be given to the lack of ablution facilities  which are seen as a negative by potential customers.


  • As we often receive goods that we cannot utilize ourselves, we have done research and plan to start a ”Charity Shop”  to support the Haven’s sustainability. There is no building available for such as present and will need to be erected (A wooden “Wendy House structure is being considered)


  • Very aware of our “green footprint” and considering the ever rising cost of electricity (that makes up for a large percentage of our monthly expenditure), a decision was made to, as money becomes available, replace( or retro-fit) all geysers  with solar energy geysers. Each house has 3 geysers (for an average of 19 people per house) so the cost of “going solar” will amount, per house, to approximately


7. Replacement of vehicles Children are transported to and from 23 schools daily and the one vehicle should be replaced before it becomes obsolete

        R390 000 x 4

8. Sponsoring of 95 children, per month to enable each child to have a happy childhood

Per month, per child :

Clothing                                                                             R35,95

Educational items                                                               R20,76

Electricity                                                                            R340,61

Food                                                                                   R432,59

Pocket Money                                                                    R8, 57

Caring & professional Fees                                                R1230.41

Repairs & Maintenance                                                      R136.59

Reunification Services (To go back home)                         R9.22

Sport Equipment                                                                R0.83

Toiletries                                                                             R19.07

Travelling to school                                                            R95,48





We wish to thank you in advance and look forward to building a fruitful relationship.

Yours faithfully
Mrs. T.A. Eales